Càmping Salatà Health Policy

At Camping Salatà we are working for a safe return to the new normality. That is why we have applied new measures to the usual cleaning, hygiene and safety protocols following the indications of the ICTE and the Spanish Ministry of Health. These measures are for clients and collaborators.  We also have been trained to be able to guide and help you at all times to enjoy a safe camping holiday in Roses and the Costa Brava.

We also expect your collaboration to maintain a safe environment for everyone, in order to provide you with the best experience in our campsite and bungalows.

These are some of the concrete measures we are carrying out at Camping Salatà, to guarantee a stay with the highest possible guarantees of safety and hygiene:


General Measures


  • A safety and hygiene committee has been created where the department managers ensure the compliance with health regulations.

  • All workers have been trained in preventive measures for CoVid-19

  • The establishment provides all collaborators with the personal protective equipment necessary for them to carry out their work.

  • A daily control of temperature and possible symptoms is carried out for all workers as a preventive measure.

  • In all work areas there is a cleaning and disinfection area with hydro gel, hand soap and single-use paper towels for drying hands.

  • The unusual suppliers and collaborators must comply with our safety regulations for the delivery of goods.


Common areas


  • Possibility of an online check in to minimize contact between reception and the client.

  • Non contact electronic payment, if the client wishes. As well as the possibility to send the digital invoice.

  • We have reduced the maximum capacity in common areas, such as reception, toilets, laundry. The camping may establish shifts to guarantee this maximum amount of people.

  • The reception and minimarket frequency of cleaning and disinfection has been increased. Paying special attention to access doors, handles and other surfaces. 

  • The sanitary frequency of cleaning and disinfection has been increased. Making sure the personal hygiene products reposition. 

  • New toilets, shower and outdoor sinks have been incorporated to avoid crowds and facilitate their use.

  • The Sanitary block will be for the exclusive use of those clients who do not have it in their own accommodation.

  • Our clients will find in different points of the camping and in the main entrances, hydro gel, single-use wipes, litter bins as well as single-use masks and gloves.


F& B Services


  • We expanded the space between tables, limiting the maximum people capacity of these spaces. In case of high influx, two shifts will be carried out.

  • The crockery and cutlery go through a sanitizing process using high-temperature dishwasher (>80º)

  • The table is disinfected between clients. All those products in common use such as cruets are eliminated, replacing them with single-dose formats.

  • You are invited to see the menu in digital format on your own device.

  • Our kitchen team and equipment complies with all regulations to minimize risks for customers.


Swimming pool & Spa


  • The maximum people capacity of the swimming pools is limited to regulations and will be controlled to guarantee the safety space between clients.

  • The maximum capacity of the water spa area will be controlled using previous appointments and by time slots.

  • The massage cabin is disinfected and sanitized after each use, leaving a safety time to be able to ventilate it properly.

  • We will carry out the treatments with gloves and mask.




  • We have limited the maximum capacity of entertainment activities that take place in a closed space, as well as the adult access to them (one adult per child)

  • Access to games and toys is only allowed after washing hands by each child.

  • We disinfect ping pong, materials and games after each use.

  • We have reduced the maximum capacity of night shows in order to guarantee a separation between tables for family groups.

  • The wardrobe, customs’ and mascot are cleaned at 60º after each shift

  • The general protocols of the establishment will be applied, in addition to those that are specific for the little ones.

  • The space between participants of guided yoga and Pilates will be guaranteed. We recommend each participant that wish to use this service to bring their own mat. If the establishment mats are used, they will be disinfected after each use.


Bungalows & Apartments 


  • The Camping Salatà has its own laundry, therefore we can guarantee that all processes are carried out following the regulations. We wash the clothes at 60º using all the appropriate disinfectant products.

  • Fabrics such are rugs, plaids, pillows and decorative pillows and other decorative items have been reduced. If the client wants extra pillows or additional blankets, they are available at the reception.

  • We incorporate antibacterial pillow covers that are changed after the departure of each client. The bedding and towels are removed without shaking them and are inserted directly into a closed bag. 

  • The ventilation of the bungalows and apartments between client and client is also guaranteed. Leaving a security time.

  • We pay special attention to cleaning the furniture, walls and other surfaces. As well as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, including hair dryers.

  • Only one bin per bungalow will be made available. This bin will be with cover, double bag and with a non-manual opening.

  • We centralize all the stationery on a single-use paper.


Working for your safety


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